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Ulzibat’s method – of gradual fibrotomy was developed over 20 years ago at the Institute of Clinical Rehabilitology in Tula (Russia), by the honorary inventor of the Russian Federation, doctor of medical sciences, Professor Valery Borysowich Ulzibat.

Studies in clinical pathology, carried out  by the personnel of the Clinic along with the participation of independent experts, demonstrated that in various diseases, which are classified collectively as motor system disorders, one of the reasons for abnormal muscular function, pain syndromes and voluntary movement disorders is the development of atrophic changes in skeletal muscles.

A result of the advanced atrophic process is  permanent change in the structures of muscular fibres, consisting in the partial exchange of muscular fibres with connective tissue (fibrosis), or the formation of organic muscular contractures – shortened and hard parts of muscles, painful to touch and remaining tense even when a muscle is relaxed.

Due to those changes, the impact on the skeletal muscles is further continued both as a result of direct pathological factors, and of indirect influences, including diseases of the nervous system, spine and joints. Long-term intensification of muscular tension which takes place in  the course of infantile cerebral palsy and other diseases, affects blood circulation and other metabolic processes in skeletal muscles, and is conducive to the  further generation of contractures. It was also found that in the case of a complicated pregnancy, or a mother suffering from acute and chronic conditions, contractures of that kind may develop even during a prenatal period.


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